1. Prolific Idea (Pty) Ltd
  2. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Founding Date

  1. 27 July, 2015



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Our Goal

Prolific Idea is a company geared towards building technology that makes people and businesses more effective via out of the box ideas, with a focus on humans. We strive to create products that inspire people, we strive to educate the masses about technology, we strive to grow the world as a community towards innovation.


Prolific Idea started in 2015 as a place to house Rishal Hurbans's crazy ideas and expeditions. It has released Hivemind( - a collaborative ideation, and organisation platform; and is soon to be alpha releasing Noia( - a collaborative, and social blogging and micro-blogging platform inspired by Medium, Twitter, and Github.


Hivemind is a collaborative ideation, and organisation platform. It is inspired by design thinking concepts, but made for the everyday person. One can use it for working with teams, planning everyday tasks, recording one's thoughts, and almost anything else you can think of. Hivemind comes from a need to freely express thoughts and ideas in a manner that we, as humans, want to engage with.

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Not launched yet; Noia is a social, collaborative blogging platform. It was inspired by and takes the best from Medium, Twitter, and GitHub without the restrictions, and with much needed refinements. It provides us with a platform for expression, news, and literature.

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